Data gathering to revolutionise agricultural industry

    The Chief Executive Officer of a major Irish dairy company has told international agricultural delegates that there is a need for the incorporation of more technology into the farming industry.

    Dr Edmond Harty, CEO of Dairymaster told the Nuffield Contemporary Scholars Conference taking place in Cavan, that the increased use of technology will assist farmers to meet challenges they are currently facing.


    “The reality of milk prices and volatility can be dealt with by adopting the resources that are available to other industries,” according to Dr Harty. “Data gathering and analytics has revolutionised many industries and is now turning the agricultural industry on its head,” he said.

    The CEO of the Irish agri tech company said that there is now an opportunity with the removal of milk quotas and the demand for increased efficiencies to harness the power of data. “It is all about taking action on accurate information. In terms of milk quality a 100 cow farm has the opportunity to realise €18,000 per annum if they act upon the data is available to them.”

    The Nuffield conference is a major international agricultural conference with over 80 international agricultural experts taking place in Cavan this week. It features experts from Ireland, UK, Australia, NZ, Canada, France and the Netherlands, as well as international scholars from Brazil, India, China and Mozambique.


    The 80 delegates, receive an international scholarship from Nuffield International, a leading agricultural scholarship program worldwide to attend the event where they will hear presentations from high-level experts on a range of agri’ topics including policy, trade and leadership. The conference is supported by Cavan County Council and the Taste of Cavan. Throughout the week Cavan products are showcased to the delegates. As part of the conference they visited Ballyhaise Agricultural College and local agricultural producers and factories in the Cavan region.

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