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    Minister Coveney officially launches Swiftflo Commander at National Ploughing Championships

    It was with great privilege that we welcomed the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney to our stand to officially launch the Swiftflo Commander at this year’s National Ploughing Championships in Ratheniska, Co. Laois.

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    Fresh from winning 2 major innovation awards on the previous day, the Swiftflo Commander was officially launched by Minister Coveney on Wednesday afternoon in front of a sizeable crowd.
    It’s a device not unlike an iPad for dairy cows, which controls each milking unit in the milking parlour and maximizes milk yield saving the farmer time, money and effort.

    Dr Edmond Harty, CEO of Dairymaster stated: “We’re really excited about this new technology. And we’re not the only ones. The Swiftflo Commander won the top innovation award at the Championship and it also won the prestigious agri-software award. We’re thrilled! Driving new innovations in the dairy sector is what gives the whole team a real buzz.”

    Minister Coveney expressed his admiration for Dairymaster by saying:
    “Dairymaster is a brand, a company and a mark that is setting standards now globally against giants in this industry. But what has been built from humble beginnings through ambition, innovation and new thinking has really been an extraordinary success story.”

    Watch the Minister’s speech in full below!

    On the double – Dairymaster sweeps the board with two top technology/innovation awards at National Ploughing Championships

    • Swiftflo Commander wins overall Innovation award at the NPC
    • Swiftflo Commander wins top agri software award at the NPC

    Dairymaster Chief Executive Dr Edmond Harty today welcomed the announcement that the company’s latest technology innovation – the Swiftflo Commander won the top innovation award at the National Ploughing Championships (NPC). Separately the Swfitflo Commander was also awarded the prestigious top award for agri software technology at the NPC.

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    Speaking today Dr Harty said; “We are thrilled that the Swiftflo Commander has been singled out here today for two top awards. We know what a difference this new technology makes in the milking parlour. Farmers are under serious pressure to keep costs low and output high and the Swiftflo Commander helps them do just that. Revolutionising the milking parlour this new smart technology means that farmers can get a higher milk yield with less effort and save money too. The Swiftflo Commander can display important information for the farmer right there in the parlour where it’s needed.  Having access to this level of information on each cow in the herd, at the right time, in the right place, has never been done in this way before. This technology really will allow farmers to use their valuable time a lot better.”

    For more information on the Swiftflo Commander click here

    Watch the video to see what farmers have to see!

    Next Generation Milking with the Dairymaster Swiftflo Commander

    As farms are getting larger there is less time for individual attention, during milking having access to the right information at the right time is essential. The Swiftflo Commander is the new brain of the milking parlour controlling everything to do with milking, feeding and animal health. It offers a new level of intelligence that takes command of each milking unit within the parlour.

    Data alone has no intrinsic value, it’s what you do with the data that creates value. The Swiftflo Commander gives the farmer a lot more information when and where it’s needed – at the cow milking point. Putting this information in people’s hands means major impacts on dairy farms.

    commander touchpad

    Next generation touchpad technology means that it is extremely robust, easy to clean and fully water resistant. It also controls the pulsator in a new way which results in a longer life span.

    The Swiftflo Commander displays important information such as milk yield, milking time, and somatic cell count data on each cow and much more. One touch allows you control feed effortlessly at each milking unit, it can also display if your cow is in heat and draft that cow with a single touch for AI or further inspection.

    Imagine a system that can identify what each cow is contributing to your herd SCC. The Swiftflo Commander can display a cow’s percentage SCC of the entire herd. The advantage of having this information about each individual cow at the right time in the parlour is that you can act on it.  It will also prompt the farmer to do a California Milk Test (CMT) when high SCC information is received so diagnosis and treatment is much sooner. The farmer can enter information directly from the milking point for example treatment dates. The smart technology then automatically retains milk until the withdrawal period is up and it is then safe for it to enter the milk tank again. You can also divert milk effortlessly.

    It also indicates freshly calved cows that enter the parlour and allows colostrum to be diverted. It uses speech technology to inform farmers of information at a time when they can re-act to it.

    With more emphasis on hygiene and ever increasing milk quality standards the cleaning performance of each unit is also individually monitored.

    The Swiftflo Commander gives the farmer the capability and functionality of doing herd management at every single milking point in a very easy manner.

    When you invest in the Swiftflo Commander you are making the right investment for the future. It uses smart technology that allows all units to be updated within a few minutes. Previously when you bought a piece of technology e.g. a TV. it stays the same until the end of its lifetime, whereas today if you buy a smartphone you can download new apps within a few minutes. We use this smart technology to ensure that you have the latest features and capability into the future.

    Visit Dairymaster at the National Ploughing Championships, Stand 211, Block 3, Row 15 for more information about the product. The Dairymaster Swiftflo Commander is available through Dairymaster and our network of distributors Phone 066 7131124 for details.

    MooMonitor+ wins Cream Award for Innovation!

    Technology is revolutionising our lives on a daily basis. Technology can also change the lives of cows. The ground-breaking Dairymaster MooMonitor+ is a prime example of this and has been awarded the top honour for Innovation at this year’s Cream Awards. This is the fourth award that the MooMonitor+ has won having previously triumphed at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, the National Ploughing Championships in Ireland and most recently in Hungary at the Alföldi Állattenyésztési Napok show.

    The MooMonitor+ is a wireless wearable sensor that allows farmers detect individual cow heats and health events with ease through advanced data analysis. It monitors cows on a daily basis and identifies specific types of behaviour such as feeding, rumination, resting time and different types of activity intensity. These features can aid in detecting heats, monitoring feeding and rumination patterns, monitoring cow welfare and managing the health status of your farm.

    The next revolution in the banking industry is contact-less credit card payments Dairymaster is already using this technology in their MooMonitor+ tag. You can swipe the tag with a compatible phone making it much easier to assign a cow. The added advantage to this is ease of use and less animal handling and stress for both the farmer and the cow.

    “Innovation is key at Dairymaster and winning this prestigious award for our health and fertility monitoring system is an enormous privilege. Everything we do is with a focus on how we can make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable and this award highlights that Dairymaster has a lot to offer progressive farmers” said Dr Edmond Harty, CEO, Dairymaster.

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    The mobile app allows two way interaction with the system which removes the need to go back to the computer. When the system detects sick cows it will send an immediate notification direct to your phone.

    The system is designed for both indoors and outdoors and with up to 3,000 metres range in optimal conditions cows can be monitored anywhere around the farm. The system sends back information 4 to 8 times more often than many other devices on the market today – monitoring cows in real time. Shorter feedback intervals give more precise information about the onset of heat allowing you to inseminate cows at the right time.

    The better the heat detection, the more animals will be presented for artificial insemination (AI) and the quicker animals will be pregnant. The result of this are shorter calving intervals, which saves money in the areas of reduced culling rates, labour and the number of animals you need to re-inseminate.

    Accurate health and fertility monitoring has never been easier!