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    Dairymaster wins Eurotier Gold Medal for new innovation in milking goats…

    Dairymaster Goat Rotary

    Revolutionising technology of milking goats is becoming increasingly important as the demand for goat milk increases and farm size grows. Dairymaster has won the top award for innovation – the Eurotier Gold Medal for their Swiftflo Goat Rotary. It is a revolutionary way of milking goats as it uses a new design of rotary milking system with a robotic carriage where 1 operator can milk up to 1300 goats per hour for herd sizes of 500 goats and above.

    In order to produce significant quantities of goat milk its necessary to milk a lot of goats since the milk yield per goat is low relative to that of a cow. Traditionally increasing herd size meant long hours spent in the parlour and increased workload for the operator. Dairymaster recognised these challenges and applied their expertise and innovative technologies to design one of the world’s most automated goat rotary.

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