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    Video: Dairymaster feature on The Tech Show on Manoto1

    The Tech Show on Manoto1 investigates Dairymaster’s technology and innovation in dairy farming. Tech Show presenters Amir Alizadeh and Sara Mohadesi visited the Dairymaster Global Headquarters to see state-of-the-art design and manufacturing. They also experienced life on a high-tech dairy farm and even milked some cows. It was fantastic to see these celebrities utilise Dairymaster technology with such ease…..

    For behind the scenes footage of the TV crew documenting the show:

    Click on the video below to see the Tech Show in full which was watched by millions of viewers….

    Find out more about our products and how we can help make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable.


    Dairymaster Customer John Macnamara Case Study Video

    Many dairy farmers are faced with the dilemma of trying to increase herd size to make their dairy farms more profitable. But how can they make milking and managing the increased herd more efficient?

    Dairymaster meet with John Macnamara, a dairy farmer based in Knockainey, Co. Limerick, Ireland to see how Dairymaster has improved his quality of life through their commitment to making dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable through the use of technology. Click on the video below to see his story.

    To find out more on what Dairymaster equipment is installed on farm and the awards John Macnamara and his family have won please view his full customer profile on the Dairymaster Website.

    Animal Health Ireland Conference 2013

    Animal Health Ireland is an industry-led, non-profit partnership between livestock producers, processors, animal health advisers and government. The organisation monitors diseases and conditions of livestock which are endemic in Ireland, but which are not currently subject to regulation and coordinated programmes of control.

    This year the Animal Health Ireland Conference 2013 took place in Rochestown Park Hotel. The conference focused on Cell Check, BVD, Johne’s Disease and IBR. The video shows highlights of the event

    To find out more on the Conference the presentations can be found on the Animal Health Ireland website.