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    700 Attend Limerick On-Farm Open Day Latest In Dairying Tech and Trends Explained and Demonstrated at Macnamara Family Farm

    Gormanstown, Knockainey, Co. Limerick saw an influx of 700 people, all headed to one location – the Macnamara Family Farm. The agenda for the day included demonstrations, presentations and talks on the latest research, technology and trends in dairy farming. Experts from Dairymaster, Milk Quality Solutions, Boviseal, O’Donovan Engineering, Croom Concrete, Michael White Pump & Dairy Services Ltd, Breen’s Farm Machinery and Teagasc were on hand throughout the day, which kicked off with the John Macnamara welcoming everyone to one of the most modern farms in Ireland.

    John commented “Not only is it great to see so many people here, but to see so many young farmers and entire farming families, it gives you great hope for the future of farming. The feedback we got was great; people described it as the best farm visit they had ever been on”.

    Award Winners

    Winner of awards including the Macra na Feirme/FBD Young Farmer of the Future Award and the FBD National Farmyard competition John Macnamara, after welcoming everyone, explained the history and the future of the Macnamara farm.  He emphasised that all the companies present have their own specific role in making the farm a success.

    The Heart of the Farm

    At the heart of the farm is Dairymaster’s 20 unit Swiftflo Swing parlour. Attendees got to see milking and the parlour’s labour saving devices including the Automatic Cluster Removers, Swiftflo Bailing, FeedRite In Parlour Automatic Feeders, Automatic Scrapers and Integrated Drafting – the easiest method of separating cows, all at the touch of a button. The parlour allows for maximum throughput with the minimum of intervention needed from the farmer.

    Of course, with our Irish weather it is important that the cattle are properly looked after and that is where O’Donovan Engineering got involved. They installed housing facilities including cubicles, drinking troughs and mats on farm. They advised on safety and layouts as well as demonstrating their TruTest weighing equipment.

    Hygiene is hugely important and that is why Michael White Pump & Dairy Services Ltd installed a high pressure, low volume, washing system in the milking parlour and a steam washer for washing the cubicle house. They also gave a demonstration of a vibrating mole plough for laying water pipes on farm.

    It is not just the buildings and equipment that need to be kept spotless, teat hygiene is of vital importance also. John uses Supercow Teat Foam Cleaner supplied by Eddie O’Callaghan. Supercow helps to reduce bacterial load on teats which can significantly improve milk quality.

    Boviseal work with John on the dry cow strategy for his herd. The dry cow period is a high risk period for mastitis and is the ideal time for targeting subclinical infections. John uses Boviseal every year to prevent new infections and is pleased with the results.

    Croom Concrete supplied culverts for John’s new cattle underpass. All precast box culverts are designed to the latest NRA specifications and all units are manufactured to relevant standards. Breen’s Farm Machinery had a variety of machinery on display including Claas Arion Tractors, loaders and vacuum tankers to name a few.

    A Family affair but with help from the community

    John was keen to acknowledge everyone who has helped him to become the award winning farmer he is today “Firstly I would like to pay tribute to my late father Paddy RIP, my mother Mary, brothers and sisters and especially my wife Olivia and my 3 children for the contribution they have made and continue to make on a daily basis and their support over the years.  The day was a huge success and a special word of thanks to my neighbours and friends who were on hand from early morning. Also to the contractors who kept everything in order in the fields throughout the day and Bruff Gardai for ensuring a free flow of traffic. Their help is much appreciated.”

    The last word should go to the farmers who praised the event and reflected the tone that characterised the whole day: “Great day out, fantastic to see a strong future for dairy farming.”

    On Farm Open Day Macnamara Family Farm

    Come and see this modern dairy farm that has the latest in dairy technology, cow comfort & herd health!

    20 Unit Dairymaster Swift Flo Swing Parlour with the latest in high tech innovations.

    • • History of the farm. John Macnamara (Farm Owner)
    • • Methods of reseeding grassland. Jim Barry (Teagasc)
    • • Intramammarys for the Dry Cow; An integral part of Clinical and Subclinical mastitis control to help you improve your margin. Paudie Hyland (Boviseal)
    • • Designing housing and handling facilities for maximum safety and e ciency.Dermot Donovan (O’Donovan Engineering)
    • • The role of Super Cow Teatfoam in maintaining low cell count and excellent teat condition. Eddie O’Callaghan (Milk Quality Solutions)
    • • Advice on the supply and installation of cattle underpasses. Joe Costello (Croom Concrete)
    • • Dairymaster will talk about the high tech Swift o Swing parlour designed for e ciency, comfort and throughput. Dr Edmond Harty (Dairymaster)
    • • Demonstration of vibrating mole plough for laying water pipes on farm. Michael White (Michael White Pump & Dairy Services Ltd.)

    A selection of machinery will be on show ranging from diet feeder, slurry agitator, hedge cutter and many more. Conor Breen (Breen’s Farm Machinery )