Thousands of
    kilometers of track
    installed worldwide!

    Slurry Equipment

    Labour saving...
    does two jobs!

    Slurry Equipment2

    Give your farm
    a clean sweep!

    Automatic Scrapers 1

    standards of
    reliability and

    Automatic Scrapers 2

    Automatic Heavy Duty Scraper Systems

    • Intelligent controls


      Simple controls with multiple functions to meet your needs, choose from digital or analogue control depending on requirements.

    • Outstanding flexibility


      The designs are very versatile, these scrapers are known for reliability and adaptability. We have something to suit every yard!

    • Strong robust construction


      The unit has been designed for robustness and longevity and is very reliable!

    • Cleaning consistency


      The extra weight in the Dairymaster saddle ensures a better scrape with each cycle.

    • Labour saving


      At the touch of a button you can clean your yard, this improves herd health and saves you time, money & labour! 

    • Reduced building costs


      In many situations preparation work is not required, hence reducing the cost of labour and reducing building costs.


    Do you want to improve herd health and save time and labour?

    The only scraper solution for your farm!

    The original and technically superior automatic scraping system with thousands of kilometres of track installed worldwide.

    Dairymaster manufacture and deliver automatic scraper systems to dairy, cattle, pig and mushroom farms throughout the world. These systems now operate in every corner of the globe from small family farms to large industrial farming facilities. The Dairymaster track type system is very low maintenance and exceptionally easy to operate and control. We are acknowledged for unequalled standards of reliability and adaptability. As cow numbers are increasing and buildings are getting larger you need a scraper that is robust, strong and efficient - think Dairymaster!

    No other system can match Dairymaster in coping with these situations:

    • Outstanding flexibility.
    • Passages can be cleaned individually.
    • Odd numbers of passages can be easily accommodated.
    • Passages can be unequal in length.
    • Passages do not have to be parallel.
    • Passages can be at right angles.
    Automatic scraper system

    Heavy Duty Scraper

    The extra weight in the Dairymaster saddle ensures a better scrape with each cycle. Each track is formed from heavy gauge steel and has a guide rail which is anchored at two points using self-expanding high tensile bolts. There is a range of heavy duty scraper saddles available to suit the needs of all types of passages. The robust heavy gauge rambox ensures that the ram is fully enclosed and protected from the environment. Dairymaster's cleverly engineered double ratchet mechanism eliminates false tripping and allows wider and longer passages to be cleaned.

    Self Diagnostic Control Unit
    The improved design allows the solenoid and ram board to be mounted remotely in a clean dry environment. In built diagnostics will reduce service costs and the clever design has been tested in the harshest of environments which ensures a long life.

    Hydraulic Power Pack & Controls

    • The power unit has been designed for a long and trouble free life.
    • Its designed to control up to eight passages.
    • Materials in the hydraulic unit include stainless steel and advanced polymers which offer better appearance for years to come.
    • The hydraulic pump is protected by a double oil filtration system on suction and return lines.
    • The oil level is visible and monitored by a float switch
    • There is a choice of digital or analogue control depending on requirements.
    • The oil reservoir is fitted with quick release clips ensuring it is easily serviced and accessible.
    • Ducting and hosing is neatly mounted keeping the installation tidy.

    Digital Control

    Digital control provides the ultimate in flexibility while still being user friendly and easy to operate.

    It boasts many unique features including:

    • Passage waiting.
    • Temporary inhibit.
    • Multiple park positioning.
    • Unlimited park position control.
    • Intelligent scraper saddle positioning.
    • On screen messaging.
    • Channel waiting.
    • Program sequencing.

    Analogue Control

    Analogue control has a switch for each passage, which may be selected from a choice of two automatic sequences or manual operation. Scrapers are normally parked at the rambox which is located at one end of the passage. Although designed for daily operation any passageway can be given individual attention - an extra scrape for instance or parked completely, without affecting the other passageways.


    • Economical to run.
    • Completely powered from a standard waterproof industrial socket.
    • Easy to install.
    • Low maintenance.

    SpaceSaver Ram Box

    Dairymaster has designed its scraper systems so that when you are installing a scraper system in existing buildings in many situations preparation work is not required, hence reducing the cost of labour and reducing building costs. Hydraulic hoses are routed to the power unit via sealed pipe, which further protects them from degradation. The park switch is cleverly engineered so as to ensure it is fully protected which greatly reduces the occurrences of false tripping. The rambox is constructed using heavy gauge stainless steel which will mean a longer working life.

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